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Open your own world class image consultants’ academy under THEIMAGE CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY® branding and recognition of Marina Prinsloo, the international expert in Image, Branding, Executive presence, Etiquette, Behaviour and Communication Skills

Marina Prinsloo will share the wisdom of her 20 + years in this exciting and lucrative industry as an international advisor in Executive Presence, Etiquette, Communication and Leadership. She will teach you all of the components of operating your own successful Image Academy.  Only 1 licence per major city / town will be sold.

All of your questions on how to start your business, attract clients, create your personal brand identity, marketing materials, web site and positioning yourself and your business for success will be answered during the training and mentorship program.

Life is short and your time for building & establishing a successful business is limited. Without guidance, you can waste valuable years trying to gain knowledge and expertise. Instead, you must follow the example set by the Masters throughout the ages and find a Mentor. The mentor / protégé relationship is the most efficient and productive form of learning. Through an intense person-to-person interaction with your Mentor, Marina Prinsloo and her team of experts you will adapt and grow and become an expert yourself.

The Image Consultants International Academy business setup & Mentorship program® is ideally suited to a person / group that would like to operate their own Image Consultant Academy. With this train the trainer program by Marina Prinsloo & Team, you will have the knowledge to open an Image Academy as an image, etiquette and communication lecturer and principal trainer

World-wide Interest in Attending an Image Academy
Recent studies have shown that businesses and individuals in Africa are investing 300 billion dollars+ per year on educational programs. This figure is expected to double within the next five years.
Due to increased global travel, business expansions and increased interest in education, Africa’s middle and upper classes are investing and attending image related training programs to expand their lifestyle and global repertoire.  For decades the focused was on buying luxury brands as status symbols. The focus has now shifted to image presentation, international manners, etiquette and communication skills.With this rapid and dramatic change, now is the time to position yourself for success in the personal and professional development field. 

The Image Consultants International Academy business setup & Mentorship program® includes:

·         Ten (10) days of training for you and your selected staff & set-up: details of the necessary office supplies, lecturing tools, marketing materials

·         How to operate your Image Academy and attract clients

·         Master training manual, coaching and training strategies

·         Wardrobe and Styling for men and women

·         Corporate, and Creative Dressing

·         Yin and Yang, Style Personality

·         Cosmetics: appropriate colours for interracial skin tonalities and application techniques

·         Etiquette: Boardroom, Dining, Interview, Invitations, Manners, Tea, Techno, Wedding, Dating, Funeral

·         Personality, Poise and Presence Training

·         Master handouts for your attendees of the Finishing School

·         Copies of all Manuals & books related to training

·         Master Power Point and Webinar presentations

·         Educational DVDs and MP3s

·         Speaker agreements and training contracts – administration documentation

·         Classroom set-up, training programs: half day, full day, two, seven day outlines

·         Executive Coaching techniques

·         Ambassador Skills and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)

·         Training programs for teens, women and men

·         Web site essentials and SEO marketing and positioning

·         Media savvy and spokesperson -  Marina Prinsloo & TICIA PR Executive

·         Press coverage and how to attract clients

·         Logistics of success

·         Staff development and training

·         Certificate of TICIA Licensee / Independent Lecturer

·         Yearly invite to the TICIA 2-day Conference

·         Continuous Coaching and mentoring by email / phone / Skype – virtual classroom

·         PLUS, TheImage Consultants International Academy® & Marina Prinsloo name, brand, media finesse and recognition

Continuous On site development:  I am also available on a per diem rate for group coaching, one-on-one executive level coaching and elite client coaching after the initial training and set-up. Please inquire about the daily investment, plus travel related expenses

The Image Consultants International Academy business setup & Mentorship program®:  The training offered by TICIA is royalty free. Your earnings are yours to keep. Supplies to retail to your clients are offered by TICIA Head Office (South Africa) at wholesale prices TICIA Licensee holders. Yearly Licence Fee is payable as per contract for a minimum of 10 years.

Investment Details:The investment for The Image Consultants International Academy business setup & Mentorship program ® is R55 000.00. 

Click here to contact THE IMAGE CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY® select your training dates and then make your investment to The Image Consultants International Academy business setup & Mentorship program ®. Payment for   The Image Consultants International Academy business setup & Mentorship program ® is by bank wire transfer payable to Marina Prinsloo, The Image Coach. Due to the proprietary nature of this training, there are no refunds for any reason and minimum period licence fee non-negotiable.

A personal note from Marina Prinsloo:

“Ilook forward to empowering you on the strategies of success with The Image Consultants International Academy business setup & Mentorship program ®. Take control of your destiny. Become self-employed, make a difference in the world through education and realize the financial success that you deserve.  Empowering Individuals to live with Greater Purpose, Passion and Productivity! 

Your Partner-in-Success, Marina Prinsloo & The Image Consultants International Academy Team



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